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On this page you can learn more about our programs and their cost

For Adults

This program is held at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate events, etc. Its main difference is that the major audience is adults. Of course, children can attend each of these events, but they are in the minority. Duration - 25-30 minutes.

There is an interactive part in this program, when the audience can get inside the bubble, and the guest of honor can do some tricks with bubbles.

Для взрослых

From $750* 

* for each event we give an individual quote with different packages. The price is based on numerous factors, such as date, time of the show, location (travelling distance to customer's event), number of participants, indoors or outdoors, etc. 

Neon Bubbles

NEON Bubbles

Bubbles that glow under professional powerful LED lights is a unique entertainment which guarantees a jaw-drop-ping  and WOW effect. This show requires a darkened room. The duration is from 15 to 45 mins. It's perfect solution for any event. Your guests will be amazed, because they probably haven't seen anything like that before.


From $1090 * 


For Kids Indoors

Для детей

This program fits perfectly in every party where the major audience is the kids. It can be a graduation at a preschool or an elementary school, birthdays, Christmas parties, etc. Sometimes customers book the program without any actual reason to celebrate, just for fun. The duration of this show is from 25 minutes to one hour and depends on the kids' age.

Duration is being discussed individually. It's critical to keep kids interested until the end of the show, so we don't recommend prolonging the main act and the interactive part with the audience. The program contains a lot of interaction with kids: every child will have a chance to get inside a bubble and try to do some tricks.

From $590 *

На сцене

Performance on a stage indoors

This program would fit exhibition openings, promo events, any concert programs with many artists and acts being involved. This show duration is from 5 to 12 minutes and depends on the organizer's goals. Usually, there is no interactive part, however, we can arrange a spot outside the stage where visitors can get inside a bubble, take pictures and do tricks with bubbles.

Price is discussed on

a case-by-case basis.

На улице

Bubbles outdoors

This program can't be called a full bubble show. Bubbles don't like wind and are sensitive to many different factors, that's why a complete show with all beautiful tricks can't be performed outside. However, there is a great alternative - we will be playing with bubbles. 


Open public events

On an outdoor stage we can offer a short act for 3-4 minutes when with music an artist blows bubbles of different sizes. It's beautiful, interesting and always attracts people. Once you start blowing bubbles, the wind takes them around the neighborhood and people start gathering around the stage. It works great on promotions. You shouldn't expect a lot of tricks, however artistic presentation, beautiful costume, and bubbles are guaranteed. By the way, this format works great at the beginning of an outdoor wedding registration.

Якорь 1

From $450 * 

Якорь 2

Private Events Outdoors

For a family gathering, corporate event or any private event outdoors we offer an active format. The audience will be actively involved in the action. First, we will perform a show with bubble magic and afterwards will be blowing bubbles using our outside equipment. It's very fun and interesting. 

From $490 * 


Якорь 3

A photosession with bubbles is beautiful and interesting. You pick a photographer and location, and we are responsible for equipment, solution and, bubbles in the frame. In this case, the price depends on time duration, required equipment, location and starts.


From $350 *

"Person in a bubble" entertainment

Человек в пузыре

As a perfect addition to any program, we can offer this interactive activity and immerse every guest in a giant bubble. "Person in a bubble"  is perfect for all age groups - kids and adults. It will make your party special and memorable. Guests will become active participants and can get cool pictures. 

From $200 


* for each event we give an individual quote with different packages. The price is based on numerous factors, such as date, time of the show, location (travelling distance to customer's event), number of participants, indoors or outdoors, etc. 


Andrea Rubin,
at Deerfield/Percy White library

The show was loved by both adults and children. Unique, exciting and lots of fun. Thank you Bubble Show Mia for such a great presentation.

ph.Alexey Olivenko-197.jpg

Sveta Plaksunova, Director
Vocal Art Miami Studio

Bubble Show Miami is a beautiful act with music. Parents and kids loved it! Highly recommend and look forward to hosting the show in our studio again.


Tamara Khukhra,
Mother of a 2 yo

Great idea for any kind of events! All kids and adults was so happy, everyone had a lot of fun! Thank you Valeria! Best bubble show in the area!

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